Top Ten DIY Tips

DIY home improvement

This is a guest post by John Morris. If you’d like to guest post on this blog, click here. There’s nothing like a bit of DIY, especially if you want to save money. Who knows? Once you’ve tried it, you might discover that do it yourself projects become one of your favorite pastimes. After all, […]

How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

Woman painting

When you choose the right paint colors for the interior surface of your home, it can revitalize and beautify everything from the walls to the ceilings and even the trim. There are literally thousands of combinations you can create with the color choices available on today’s market. And unfortunately because there are so many choices, […]

Grapevine Landscaping will Enhance your Garden


This is a guest post by Andy Finn. If you want to guest post on this blog, click here to get more information. Grapevine is a common term for a vast variety of the Vine Genus Vitis.  This is the vine that is commonly grown for human consumption, either as a fruit bearing or a […]

A Practical Roof Cleaning Solution for an Ugly Roof


This blog is geared toward practical solutions, and I certainly have one for you with this post. We had a new roof done on our house approximately ten years ago and, for a long time, it looked great. As the years went by, it started developing streaks and black mold on the roof shingles on […]