Yes4All Horizontal Barbell Storage Rack Review

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Are you looking for a rock-solid barbell storage rack? This article will delve into the Yes4All barbell storage rack in detail. It will touch on the features as well as a video review and an unboxing and assembly video.

I’ve been using the Yes4All wall mounted barbell hanger for over two years now in my shed gym. I’ve had a great experience with their dumbbell handles, which led me to purchase the storage rack in April 2021.

At the time of purchase I did an unboxing and assembly video detailing the packaging it came in and installing it in my shed gym.

With this unique barbell holder, I can easily store my three different barbells, including my curl bar and two 7 foot Olympic bars, all while keeping my workout space neat and organized.

During the installation process, I found the hardware to be sturdy, made from 7 gauge steel, and featuring a protective UHMW plastic layer to prevent damage to the knurling on my barbells. I also appreciate how the storage rack accommodates my shed’s 16-inch on-center stud spacing. It’s not only a practical and useful addition to my gym but also reasonably priced on Amazon.

Key Takeaways

  • The Yes4All wall mounted barbell holder rack provides an efficient way to store barbells neatly and safely.
  • Sturdy construction and protective plastic layer help preserve the quality of your barbells.
  • Proper installation ensures compatibility with different barbell types and your existing wall structure.

Yes4All Barbell Storage Rack YouTube Review

I have been using Yes4All products for quite some time now. Their dumbbell handles are part of my routine, and I have been satisfied with their performance in my shed gym. This led me to purchase their wall-mounted barbell storage rack back in April 2021.

Below is a video review I made of my Yes4All Dumbbell Handles. You may want to check it out if you are in the market for quality dumbbell handles and have a limited amount of space in your home gym. These handles allow me to build the dumbbells I need at the time that I need them for a particular workout such as biceps or chest.

Since I have been using these products for a while, I have accumulated quite a bit of experience with them. They appear to be durable and well-constructed. The barbell rack, in particular, is made from 7 gauge steel and comes with a UHMW plastic layer that helps protect the knurling on your barbell from wear and damage over time.

Yes4All Barbell Wall Mount is a Solid Home Gym Investment

Over the past two years, I haven’t experienced any issues using the storage rack. It is an excellent investment for a home gym, especially if you have limited space and want a place to store your barbells securely. The rack can hold different types of bars comfortably, including curl bars and 7-foot Olympic bars.

In terms of installation, the storage rack comes with four hex-headed lag screws that are meant to go into the center of your wall studs. I found it fairly straightforward to assemble and mount onto the wall in my shed gym, though you might need a stud finder if your walls are covered.

If the spacing doesn’t work for your specific bars, you could add blocking to adjust the distance, but I didn’t have any issues with fitting my bars comfortably.

It’s also important to consider the height of the rack before installing it. I made sure to mount it at a height that makes it easy for me to take out and put back the bars, since lifting a bar that is too high can be difficult, especially as we get older.

In short, my experience with the Yes4All wall-mounted barbell hanger rack has been very positive. The effectiveness, durability, and practicality make it an ideal choice for my home gym, and the price point is quite reasonable as well. If you are considering a similar setup, I highly recommend giving Yes4All products a try.

Yes4All Barbell Holder Installation Details

Yes4All Barbell Storage Rack Unboxing and Assembly YouTube Video

In April 2021, I purchased the Yes4All wall mounted barbell holder and created an unboxing and assembly video. The storage rack comes with two pieces, which are sold as a pair on Amazon. I use this rack to store three different barbells: a curl bar and two 7-foot Olympic bars.

Wall Requirements and Considerations

The storage rack is installed on wall studs with a standard 16-inch spacing, which is typical for most structures. If your walls are already covered, you’ll need to use a stud finder to locate the centers of the studs.

For those with exposed walls like mine, measuring the distance between the studs is easier. If the stud spacing doesn’t work for your particular equipment, you may need to add some blocking. I use a 2×3 blocking to install the rack on my wall.

Be sure to check your barbell’s dimensions and make sure the distance between the stops or collars is appropriate for your equipment.

Hardware and Materials

The hardware of the Yes4all barbell holder is made of 7-gauge steel and is fairly heavy-duty. Perhaps the most important feature of this storage rack is the UHMW plastic layer. This layer is about 1/4-inch thick and covers the entire contact surface, providing protection for your barbells.

It is slightly raised, which allows the bar to rest on the plastic without touching the metal and preventing wear or scratches on the knurling. The knurling is the textured area on a barbell or a dumbbell. Depending on the bar or barbell, you could have deep or shallow knurling. This plastic layer is attached to the metal with several fasteners.

When installing the storage rack, be mindful of the height you choose. As you age, it may become more difficult to pick up a bar that’s placed too high. Even with a bar with no weights on it, it is possible you could tweak your back trying to lift it off the wall at an unsafe height.

I made sure to install my rack at a height that’s comfortable for me to remove and replace the barbells. By keeping the barbells at a suitable height, you’ll be protecting not only your equipment but also yourself from strain or injury.

Remember to measure your equipment and wall spacing before installation to ensure that your wall mounted weight bar holder will fit properly. Once installed, it should provide a secure storage solution for your barbells, keeping your space organized and clutter-free.

Yes4All Barbell Hanger Bar Compatibility

EZ Curl Bar

My Body Solid EZ curl bar fits perfectly within the 32″ distance between the center of one stud to the center of the other. If it didn’t work properly, and you have exposed walls like mine, you might have to add some blocking.

I have insulation, so you could actually add a 2X3 blocking and affix the hardware to the blocking if needed for this to fit properly. This all depends on the locations of the stops or collars on your bar where the plates rest up against.

As mentioned previously, keep in mind that before installing the barbell storage rack, make sure you don’t put these too high, as it’s more difficult to pick up a bar when it’s higher up as opposed to down closer to your waist. My curl bar is at a perfect height for me to take it off the rack comfortably, which is something to consider when installing the hardware.

7 Foot Olympic Bars

As for fitting 7-foot Olympic bars, there were no issues at all with the racks accommodating them, as there is so much space in between the stops or collars that 32″ on center is perfect for the 7′ bars.

Due to the long length of the Olympic bar you could even space the hardware out another stud if need be. Placing the other Olympic bar on the rack was also an easy process, and it didn’t require any alterations or adjustments for a secure fit.

In general, this storage rack is an excellent solution for organizing both curl bars and 7-foot Olympic bars, taking into account the appropriate height and background considerations for your specific space. It keeps your barbells out of the way and maintains their condition without wearing down the knurling.

UHMW Protective Plastic Layer on Weight Bar Holder

In my experience using the Yes4All wall mounted barbell storage rack, one of the standout features is the protective plastic layer. This UHMW or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene plastic layer is about 1/4″ thick, and it covers the entire surface where the barbell comes into contact with the rack. It is slightly raised, ensuring that the bar sits on the plastic rather than the metal.

The addition of this plastic layer is important because it helps protect the knurling – the stippled area on a barbell – from being scratched or worn down over time. The plastic layer is firmly attached to the metal using metal hex-headed brads or similar fasteners, ensuring that it remains in place while effectively protecting the barbell.

The importance of the plastic layer in preserving the knurling can’t be overstated. After using this storage rack for over two years, there have been no issues with the plastic wearing down, and the knurling on my bars remains in excellent condition.

If you’re considering a storage solution for your barbells, the protective plastic layer on the Yes4All storage rack is a feature worth noting. It not only protects your investment in your barbells but ensures they remain in top condition for the long term.

Weight Barbell Holder Installation Tips

Positioning Height

When installing the storage rack, it’s crucial to consider the height at which you’ll place the racks on your wall. As we grow older, it can become increasingly difficult to lift the bars from a higher position. You should make sure that the height of your curl bar and Olympic bars is just right so that you can easily access them.

Blocking Considerations

If the 32-inch distance between the center of the studs on your wall does not fit the rack properly, you might need to add some blocking. If your walls are exposed like mine, you can add a 2×3 blocking and affix the hardware to the blocking instead. Adding blocking can help accommodate your curl bar or other equipment without issue.

Make sure to take measurements of your bars and the distance between the stops or collars beforehand. Installing the racks at the proper spacing will prevent any problems with fitting your equipment; for example, the 32-inch on-center studs work perfectly for 7-foot Olympic bars.

Lastly, ensure that your installation provides ample space above any other gym equipment, like a dumbbell rack. The horizontal storage rack should serve its purpose well without interfering with other gym equipment setups.

Wall Mounted Barbell Rack Review and Pricing

I purchased the Yes4All wall mounted barbell hanger in April 2021 and it has been a great addition to my shed gym. The storage rack comes with two pieces, and they can easily be mounted on standard 16-inch on-center wall studs if you have exposed walls. The construction is sturdy, made with 7-gauge steel, which is fairly heavy.

One standout feature of this storage rack is the presence of a UHMW plastic layer which is roughly 1/4″ thick. This plastic layer is raised slightly and covers the metal portion, designed to protect your barbells from scratches and damage to the knurling. It’s important to think about the placement of your storage rack before installing it. I have found that keeping the rack at a comfortable height for easy access to the barbells is key as you grow older.

The Yes4All storage rack can accommodate various types of barbells, including my curl bar and two 7-foot Olympic bars. The distance between the center of the studs works perfectly for all my bars, but you may need to add some blocking depending on your specific bar’s dimensions.

Currently, this storage rack is priced on Amazon at $31.15 for a pair. If you need additional racks, a set of four costs $59.99. While I’m using the horizontal storage rack, some people might prefer vertical storage racks depending on their space constraints.

I’ve been using this storage rack for over two years now without any issues. The plastic hasn’t worn down, and my barbells are still in great shape. I highly recommend the Yes4All wall mounted barbell rack for keeping your gym organized and protecting your equipment.

Recap – Horizontal Barbell Storage Rack Review

After using the Yes4All wall mounted barbell storage rack for over two years, I can confidently say that it has been a great addition to my shed gym. Not only does it save space by keeping the barbells out of the way, but its design also helps to protect the knurling on my bars.

The 7-gauge steel construction is sturdy, and the UHMW plastic layer on the rack protects the barbells from scratches, ensuring they maintain their good condition. With a capacity to store multiple barbells, it easily fits my curl bar and two 7-foot Olympic bars.

During installation, it’s important to consider the height at which you mount the storage rack, as it becomes harder to pick up the bar further from waist level. For me, the positioning of the rack over my dumbbell rack is perfect, while others might need additional support like a 2×3 blocking to fit the barbell properly.

The Yes4All wall mounted barbell rack is currently available on Amazon, starting at $31.15 for a pair and $59.99 for a set of four. Links for these products as well as my unboxing and assembly video can be found in the description of the Yes4All barbell holder review video.

In comparison to vertical storage racks, the horizontal storage rack has been ideally suited for my shed gym due to the fact I have limited height in my shed. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to store your barbells horizontally, I highly recommend giving the Yes4All wall mounted barbell storage rack a try!

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