SPIbelt Features and a Review

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I’m a pretty active guy. Between lifting weights, hiking, walking, and riding my bike I guess I really didn’t need another recreational activity to occupy my time. When I work out with weights at home I use my XMark calf raise machine, flat-to-incline bench, dumbbell rack, and barbell support. But you need to add in some cardio workouts into your overall workout routines.

During my non-weightlifting routines my new SPIbelt really comes into good use. I can keep your valuables secure when participating in all of those activities and my wife and I added a new one to our list – kayaking!

My wife has been talking about buying kayaks for years and this summer she finally made it happen. We scoped out the Lifetime Tahoma Kayak, bought two of them, and we absolutely love them. I kind of wish we had purchased these kayaks a while ago.

Anyway, what I quickly realized was that I needed to be able to store my wallet, keys, and phone while I was on my kayak. We put the kayaks in my truck to take them to the lake so I needed to keep my keys and wallet on me at all times. Then I thought about a product called the SPIbelt which my daughter told me about.

She uses her SPIbelt whenever she runs. She keeps her iPhone 11 (with an Otterbox) and her keys in there so she can listen to her podcasts and be able to get back into her apartment when she’s done. If you check out the YouTube video below you’ll see her near the end of it after she just finished a run close to our house.

Speaking of YouTube videos, please check out my video below of me demonstrating the SPIbelt and you’ll see it on my waist in my kayak.


Features of the SPIbelt No-Bounce Waist Bag

  • SPIbelt Pocket Dimensions – expands to 6.5 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight – 1.59 Ounces
  • Model Number – 7BL-A024-001
  • Material – Stretchable Spandex
  • ASIN – B0040NLT9O
  • Color – Various
  • Manufacturer – SPIbelt
  • Will fit an iPhone 11 with an Otterbox case
  • Fits waist size 24 through 47 inches
  • Soft elastic prevents chafing
  • Can securely hold wallets, keys, cash, credit cards, medicine, etc

If you could use a product that will securely hold your valuables while you are engaging in the activity of your choice, a SPIbelt may be just what you need. It’s the next best version of the traditional Fanny Pack!

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