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Clout Fitness Olympic Bar Collars Review

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Clout Fitness Olympic Bar Collars

I recently complete a review of the CAP Spring Collars that you can read in this article. The article includes a youTube video of this spring collar and a demonstration of how it is used.

Before I bought my new Clout Fitness Bar Collars, I certainly thought that spring collars were the best for me when working out in my shed gym. Not anymore!

I started using my Clout Fitness Olympic Bar Collars about a year ago and, to be honest, they have grown on me. They are quick-release, very easy to lock in place, and are rock solid. And, another bonus is, they only coast $9.99 for each pair on Amazon.  My most recent addition to my shed workout area is my awesome XMark seated calf raise machine. It is a great quality addition to my home gym.

If you’ve lifted weights for a while you certainly have some preferences when it comes to workout equipment. As I have stated, spring collars were always my go-to collar when it came to my Olympic bars. But after using these Clout Fitness Olympic Bar Collars for about a year now, I find myself grabbing these collars in lieu of my spring collars.

I also got to thinking about usage of spring collars. Is it possible that someone may have a hard time depressing a spring collar? I think it’s very possible, especially someone who may have a history of wrist issues. I can certainly relate to this because I have had wrist issues. As a matter of fact, I use these Rip Toned wrist wraps every time I work out because of my wrist problems over years of lifting.

Olympic Barbell Collars

Images of my Clout Fitness Olympic Barbell Collars

Olympic Barbell Collars
Clout Fitness Collars – 2 in a package
Barbell collar from the side
Barbell collar opened up
Barbell collar in locked position
Olympic Barbell Collars
Collar placed on the bar
Olympic Barbell Collars
Locking collar onto the bar

I created a youTube video in my shed gym that you can view below demonstrating the Clout Fitness Bar Collars.

If you’re looking for a better option for securing your Olympic weights, you may want to check out these Clout Fitness Bar Collars. I love mine!

If you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments below or use my Contact Me page.

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