Top 5 Benefits of Having a Nanny

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All of the working parents out there can attest to the fact that at a certain point you have to make a decision: do you put your child in a childcare setting or do you hire a live in nanny? Well, there are certainly benefits of having a nanny.

Nanny vs daycare is a hard choice to make because both offer vastly different environments for your child to grow in and both have distinct advantages.

But there are some advantages to hiring a nanny that really trump sending your child to daycare.

Benefits of Having a Nanny

1. You set the schedule

Daycares have set hours that your child is allowed to be there so you end up having to adjust your own schedule to theirs to make sure your child arrives and leaves on time. With a nanny, you are able to set the schedule and you don’t have to allot more time in your morning for driving your child somewhere to drop them off. This is a huge benefit for moms and dads who are already pressed for time in the mornings.

2. Less exposure to sickness

If one child gets sick in a daycare it’s only a matter of time before another one does… and then another… and another… until, before you know it, the whole class is sick. Having a nanny watch your child at home means that there’s less chances of your child being exposed to any illnesses that are making their rounds amongst kids.

3. You can hand pick your nanny

You can’t choose who the daycares decide to hire to watch over the kids, but you can choose the nanny that you hire. Being able to be extra picky means that you are able to find someone who exemplifies exactly what you are looking for in someone who is going to help raise your child. A good nanny ends up becoming almost like family and is someone you know you can trust.

4. Familiarity

It can be hard on young children to not only have their parents leave them every day but also to have their parents leave them in strange and uncomfortable settings. Some of this can be alleviated by hiring a nanny, allowing your child to stay in a familiar setting where they’re more comfortable and are still able to follow the same routines as they did when you were home with them.

5. More flexibility

Most nannies are more than happy to come in early some mornings, stay late if you’re running late getting home, and work some nights and weekends as needed. You don’t have this same flexibility range with a daycare and have to find ways to adhere to their schedules no matter what else may be happening.

Making the decision to hire a live in nanny is not an easy one and finding the perfect nanny won’t happen overnight. Hiring a nanny vs daycare is a difficult decision you will have to make. If you end up choosing a nanny, it will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. I hope these benefits of having a nanny are helpful!

This guest article was written by Sara Dawkins who is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of nanny agency.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Benefits of Having a Nanny”

  1. Helpful article, Sara. I would add that a nanny, while a professional, is the employee of the parents. Consequently, the parents are ‘the boss’ and can direct how the children are cared for. That differs from a traditional child care, where the parents may not have a great deal of input as to what happens with their children in the day.

  2. Thank you for this great article! I recently went back to work, and family has just been taking care of my little Alice. I don’t want to constantly depend on family, so I’m wanting to hire a nanny. This article has been very helpful, thanks again!

  3. This is a great article! I love the idea of having a nanny instead but how do I find trustworthy nannies? what do you think?

    • Hi,
      You should check out the link at the end of the article. It will bring you to a site that can help you find a nanny and screen them with background checks.

      Word of mouth is also a great way to find good help in any profession.



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