How to Insulate Shed Doors – A Tutorial

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My Shed Doors after Insulating!

Recently I purchased a small Rinnai propane heater to use in my shed that I use for working out with weights and for working with wood. I was hoping that the small heater would provide enough heat in my shed during the winter for these activities. Boy, was I wrong!

First let’s paint the picture of where I live. It’s not in a balmy climate at all as I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. During a rather routine winter, we will get a number of days and nights of below zero (Fahrenheit) temperatures. As a result, I figured out pretty quickly that I needed to insulate my shed.

In this article I will be presenting a video of how I actually insulated my shed doors. In another article I’ll delve into insulating the shed walls and eventually the ceiling, but this one in particular has only to do with how I insulated my shed doors. I realized that probably one of the biggest surface areas that could present a heat loss or allow the cold in, were my double shed doors.

So, what I did was treat them as I treated the areas between the studs on the walls. I simply created a frame on each of the doors, and inserted the 1” PolyPro Foam Board in between the frame.

I cut the PolyPro Foam Board with this KOBALT utility knife that I picked up at Lowes. This next youTube video will detail what I actually did…

It has worked out perfectly for me and I really like the feel of the doors with the frame and the insulation added on the inside of the doors. I hope this video will be helpful to you if you are going to tackle a project like this in the future.

Any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below or use my Contact Me page!

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