Do not Underestimate the Power of Pinterest

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This is a review of the book entitled The Ultimate Guide to Marketing your Business with Pinterest by Gabriela Taylor.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Business with PinterestI started in the Internet Marketing world a number of years ago. I have owned and operated this blog for a number of years and decided that it was time to explore IM so that I could supplement my income now and in future years.

Social networking is a very important tool of the Internet Marketing world and, as an internet marketer, if you aren’t part of the social networking scene, you just might miss the boat. The latest social networking craze is called Pinterest and if you haven’t looked into it yet, it’s about time that you do!

Gabriela Taylor, an online marketing professional, has written a comprehensive book on Pinterest which took her eight months to research. It is entitled The Ultimate Guide to Marketing your Business with Pinterest (A Practical Toolkit to Unlock the Web’s Latest Social Networking Phenomenon).

“Pinterest, once you get to grips with its quirky ways is an online marketers’ dream.”
– Gabriela Taylor

I created an account with Pinterest many years ago (after requesting a Pinterest invite). I decided to create some boards and start pinning. But, to be honest, I really didn’t know what I was doing. After purchasing and reading Gabriela Taylor’s book over this past weekend, I now realize that I really did know nothing about Pinterest and how to utilize its power to attract visitors to my websites. One thing I did realize, before even reading the book, was that if you pin an image that hits home with other Pinterest users, your pin could go viral.

I had a post on this blog that included a unique image and after pinning it to one of my boards, I had hundreds of unique hits to my site in a matter of hours. I actually had 4 times the average daily visits to my site and it was only because of this one viral pin. I thought to myself “Whoa, Pinterest could be very powerful!”

So I made it a point to find the best book I could out there on Pinterest, based on reviews, and Gabriela Taylor’s book was the one that stood out from the crowd. So what did I learn from reading Gabriela’s outstanding book? I learned a little about the history of Pinterest, how to get started with Pinterest, and how you can make money with Pinterest.

Believe it or not, you cannot just join Pinterest. You need to receive a Pinterest invite. (At least this was the case when this article was originally written.) If you buy Gabriela’s book, she will send you an invite and you can start your adventure with this social networking phenomenon. Pinterest is currently the 3rd ranked social media platform behind Facebook and Twitter and has made tremendous inroads recently.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Business with PinterestGabriela gives you many pointers on the best way to market your business and drive traffic to your site. She gives you ways in which to increase your number of followers in Pinterest by posting frequently, re-pinning other people’s pins, and following people within your niche.

You should interact with other users who have a large following by adding comments on their pins, likes, or re-pinning. She also mentions many Pinterest resources that you can add to your websites including the Pin It Bookmarklet and WordPress plugins such as Pretty Pinterest Pins and Watermark Reloaded which will help your brand gain presence through Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t going anywhere and it just may behoove you to jump on this locomotive early while it’s still building up steam. Check out the great resource that is Gabriela Taylor’s The Ultimate Guide to Marketing your Business with Pinterest. It is short money and long on tips to help you utilize this social marketing craze to interact with other users socially or to build your online presence and make money. Gabriela Taylor has hit a home run with this well-researched book and you just might find, like me, that you’ll be reading it over and over again.

9 thoughts on “Do not Underestimate the Power of Pinterest”

  1. One will never regret being a member of Pinterest. The possibilities are endless after you start creating your account. On another note, I would still love to read the book.

    • Hi Danielle,
      I’ve been reading it multiple times and have to incorporate more of her helpful ideas and suggestions in the near future. It is the best $5 I ever spent!


  2. Pinterest is actually one of the most popular social networking sites and a lot of people, especially the bloggers, are really into it..

  3. The possibilities are endless after you start creating your account. Thanks for letting me visit your site, and read your wonderful blog.

  4. I LOVE Pinterest! It truly is the latest craze in social marketing. I Would love to read Gabriela Taylor’s book. I’m pretty new to this and it would be nice to learn more!

  5. Pinterest have been the perfect social networking site for me. I have made a lot of great friends through it. No wonder it is the new frontier for bloggers.

  6. It has been only one month since I started using Pininterest and the advancement I have seen on my blog while using it is great. I will have to get that book too so that I can know more about it. It is surely one of the most important social networks to be utilizing right now.

  7. Pinterest still operates under invitation only, though this is a minor technicality and after you submit your request for an account, you can expect confirmation within a day or two. Note that though you can login to Pinterest with your Twitter or Facebook account, it is beneficial to set up your account with an email address and password since Pinterest doesn’t yet integrate with Facebook business pages.


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