DIY Under Deck Water Diversion Project

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When we bought our Octagon house over 3 years ago in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we knew at the time that there were a number of projects that we had to tackle in the future. One of them, which will be detailed in this article, was a DIY under deck water diversion project. The longer we owned the house the more we knew this simply had to be done. (Don’t miss the youTube video below detailing the DIY project).

With our Octagon house came a deck that wrapped around 3/4 of the house. One part of the deck was right above our front door so if it rained or if snow was melting water would pour down on whomever was walking in or out of the house with literally no protection whatsoever from the elements.

As you can see from the above image you can only imagine the water that could be gushing down in between deck joists prior to creating the DIY under deck water diversion canopy. The following is a youTube video detailing how I completed the project including purchasing the TUFTEX panels and TUFTEX Deck Drain screws at Lowes, creating the purloins or battens used to create the slope, affixing the TUFTEX panels, and adding a gutter to divert the water.

DIY Under Deck Water Diversion Project

Some images of the project

Before the project started
Deck Joists with Wood Strips Affixed
In process with my Helping Hands!
Project complete with wood trim!

Here are some of the items I purchased to complete the project.

TUFTEX Panels and Deck Drain Screws

Deck Drain Screws
(Similar to Metal Roofing Screws) The TUFTEX Deck Drain screws can be purchased at Lowes

After viewing the video, if you have any questions at all about the steps involved in this DIY under deck water diversion project please leave them in the comments or comment on the youTube video itself and I will respond.

2 thoughts on “DIY Under Deck Water Diversion Project”

  1. Bob, I love this, what a drastic change and so simple to achieve! it’s changes like this that really add value and improve your home. Even without the added value of protecting you from the rain.

    This is a fantastic idea and has inspired me to do something similar with my garage, to add a waterproof balcony.

    • Hi Adam,
      It has been a godsend this winter with the snow and thawing and dripping now diverting away from the entrance to our house. If I had to do it over again I would use 20′ sheets but it would be a bit more difficult to secure them. We do love the fact that we don’t get drenched when we walk in and out of our house during a rainstorm. Check out my youTube channel as well.



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