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A Whimsical Depiction of Student Life

Bob Bessette
Last updated
6 March 2011

I have two daughters, one is a sophomore in high school and the other is a sophomore in college. Needless to say, they both work hard and live the student life. My youngest daughter sent me the image seen below.

I would like to cite the source but I don’t have one. If anyone does please send it along in the comments or use my Contact Me page and I will update the source. By the way, her favorite image is the “internet” face just to the left of 12:00 if you were looking at this image like a clock.
Student Life

I thought that this cycle of student life was a whimsical and realistic view of the stark reality of being a student. Please feel free to share this image with your son,daughter, or fellow student.

If you are a parent of a college freshman I hope the first year dealing with college separation anxiety, I hope it hasn’t been real stressful for you or your child. If it has, you may want to read this post. I know that it is a trying time but it gets easier, believe me.

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