A Mongoora Bicycle Phone Holder is a Solid Bike Accessory

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A Mongoora Bike Phone Holder is one of those bicycle accessories that makes me wonder why I didn’t buy one a lot sooner. Being able to easily access my phone safely on a bike ride is a really cool feature. And let’s not forget that it’s an Amazon Best Seller in vehicle mounts!

I’ve been riding a bicycle regularly for exercise for the past two years. A couple of years ago I decided this would be a great way to get some cardio as well as to enjoy my surroundings.

I live in the White Mountains area of New Hampshire so there is never a lack of beautiful scenery.

Here are some pictures with the Mongoora Bicycle Phone Holder on my bike! You’ll note I also tested it with my wife’s iPhone 11 which includes an Otterbox phone cover (seen on the right below).
(Click on either image for a larger view)

I’m currently 62 years old and I never think it’s too late to try something new. Don’t get me wrong, I used to ride a bike as a kid but it has been many, many years since I did so regularly. So I’m always on the lookout for awesome bicycle accessories that can make my life easier.

This Mongoora Bike Phone Holder allows me to secure my smart phone (Samsung S8) to my bike’s handlebars. I like to keep track of how far I go and the speed in which I am pedaling. MapMyRide, the cell phone app, works perfectly for my needs. It will not only show my split times, it will show how far I have gone as well as a map of the route I took.

You can check out my YouTube video below of me assembling the Mongoora Bicycle Phone Holder.

Features of the Mongoora Bike Phone Holder

  • Product Dimensions – 3 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight – 3.2 ounces
  • Model Number – Mongoora BM
  • ASIN – B01N15DI2V
  • Color – Black with multi-colored bands
  • Manufacturer – Mongoora
  • Fits any device up to 3.7″ width
  • Fits bike and motorcycle handlebars 0.9″–1.3″ in diameter
  • 360 Degrees Rotation
  • Three strong and durable colored silicone bands

If you think that you could use a solid bicycle phone holder that you could also use on your motorcycle, you might want to also look into the Mongoora Bicycle Phone Holder. I love mine and so does my daughter. It’s a great value and a really useful bicycle accessory!

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