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I was recently interviewed by Paul Cunningham at BloggingTeacher. Paul is an experienced blogger who has been around the blogosphere for a while. Blogging Teacher provides articles, tips and tutorials to help bloggers overcome the many challenges they face building a successful blog. He occasionally requests interviews from fellow bloggers and I willingly obliged. I […]

Interview with Catalyst Theme creator, Eric Hamm

Eric Hamm

(Since this article was originally written, the Frugal Theme has evolved into the Catalyst Theme which is an even better incarnation of the original theme. I use the Catalyst Theme, developed by Eric Hamm, for all of my websites and recommend it highly! The information in this article is still of high value today as […]

Interview with Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields and Daughter

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Fields face-to-face but I think I know a little bit about him.  I read his book, Career Renegade, a couple of times.  I also reviewed it in this post.  I have exchanged emails with him a few times and he has been very gracious to respond […]