Choosing a Vintage or Modern Style Garden

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Are you trying to decide on a modern garden design or a vintage style garden? Do you know the differences between the two? Well, we're here to help you understand those differences.

A vintage style garden is one that's decorated with reused, dated, retro or older furniture, plants, flowers, and other garden décor. Vintage is all about capturing the style of or taking a journey back in time to the days of the past. Creating this sentimental journey makes your garden feel relaxing.

A modern style garden brings together the look and feel of the surroundings, using modern garden décor. It's about using structural and graphical elements, unusual materials, and a bold focus on the hardscape rather than just the plants. It brings together the indoor and outdoor worlds.

Modern Style Garden


As you envision a modern style garden, think of a basic landscape design of today. You would have a patio of concrete rather than one of flagstone. Water troughs would be used rather than terra-cotta pots. You can have a waterfall that drops from the roof rather than surfacing through the garden. And the focal point would no longer be the lawn, but the décor of the garden itself.

Low Maintenance

Most people have learned how well a modern landscape or garden fits into their modern lifestyle. With it being simplistic, a modern garden area can become a haven of relaxation and serenity. With the emphasis on hardscaping, a modern style garden can be lower maintenance and is also more tolerant in some areas to drought.

Vintage Style garden

A vintage style garden recaptures the past. It allows you to take a walk down memory lane, where time stands still in your garden. Reusing and recycling old items is a vintage style garden technique that's very important to the garden image. You can recapture the past by using old sheer curtains to create shade from the sun, or capture that old look of an old-fashioned romantic getaway.

Using climbing roses, grapevines, Creeping Charlies or other climbing plants will give that old vintage look to your garden. These old-fashioned style plants and flowers can be the focal point of your garden.

Bird baths, bird houses, and soft musical wind chimes make your garden a nice relaxing area. Using older patio furniture like wicker chairs or a hammock will also help to give your garden a vintage look.

Vintage Plants, Flowers, and Artifacts


Using recycled plant containers that can be used in your vintage garden are a good way to create a simple look for your unique and retro design. Use heirloom flowers, herbs, and vegetables to add the charm and color of a vintage style garden.

Old, antique artifacts can be found at flea markets, second hand stores, garage sales, thrift stores, and sometimes offered for free on someone’s front lawn. No matter which style you choose, watering your garden regularly will keep it blooming beautifully. The most efficient way to ensure that your garden gets the right amount of watering is by installing an automatic sprinkler system.

Depending upon your preferences and your home’s décor, you will want your choice of a vintage or a modern style garden to enhance and accent your surroundings. No matter what option you choose, your garden will add a little bit of your own personality, creativity, and style to your home environment.

This guest article was written by Princess Galsim who is a mommy blogger and home improvement ambassador. For your gardening needs, the Sprinkler System Store can help you get everything you need for your DIY sprinkler system design.

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