4 Everyday Things You Might be Doing Wrong

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happy girl with toothbrushHey, whatever you're doing right now — stop. Why? You're undoubtedly doing it wrong. You're probably even reading this article wrong, too. Maybe you should just give up. OK, perhaps that was a bit harsh. Are you still reading? Good! That means you're ready to change your misguided ways. Read on for four everyday things you're doing wrong and why.

Brushing your Teeth

Dentists want you to know that you're using too much toothpaste. You're probably still squeezing that inch-sized line of paste on your brush when it should be the size of a pea. Sure, your breath may feel fresher, but the taste of success is merely superficial. If you truly want a complete clean, supplement your brushing routine with daily flossing and mouthwash. But since you're probably doing both those things wrong, too, learn more about how to floss and the right way to use mouthwash.

Eating Fruit

In addition to wasting toothpaste, you're probably discarding good apples too. You likely take an “around the world” approach to eating apples, but as it turns out you should be finishing them from top to bottom — core and all. Not a believer? Consider this video tutorial on proper apple eating. You may be surprised by the parts you're missing.

On that note, you're opening bananas wrong, too. The old tear from the stem method isn't actually the most efficient way to get to the fruit. Instead, you should pinch the peel from the bottom to easily reveal the fruit. Opening it this way also lets the stem double as a handle.



Congratulations, you made it through the morning doing everything incorrectly. Now it's time to get to work and start multitasking the day away, right? Wrong.

A Live Science article and interview with Arthur Markman, a professor of psychology, noted, “Dividing attention across multiple activities is taxing on the brain, and can often come at the expense of real productivity.” It's actually better to make a to-do list and complete one task at a time without switching.

You're also sitting too much. Sure, your boss may lead you to believe that you're strapped to your desk chair for eight hours a day, but there's a little wiggle room — and you should use it. Medical informatics professionals, for example, may be glued to their computer screen solving health care problems all day long, but never tending to their own. However, try to take a short walk around the office at the top of every hour, or during bathroom breaks take the stairs to a restroom on another floor to burn some extra calories and get your blood flowing or you could risk these future side effects.

Drinking Alcohol


Face it: You're probably a binge drinker. Well, maybe not exactly, but it doesn't take much for a regular imbiber to cross the blurry line. That line for average healthy adults is one drink for women and two for men. Think you did well at that last happy hour? Think again. That single bar drink you ordered could be a double. According to Mayo Clinic, these are the actual serving sizes for one drink of the following: 12 fl. oz. of beer, 5 fl. oz. of wine, and 1.5 fl. oz. of distilled liquor.

If you order one beer straight from the bottle, you may be OK. However, what you believe to be a generous pour from your favorite bartender may be twice the recommended serving. For example, your wine glass should only be half full.

What things have you done, perhaps for years, that you found out later were completely wrong?

This guest article was written by Brian Kemp who is a freelance writer and fitness nut, from Houston TX, when he’s not on the beach or in the ocean he’s writing up new articles on various topics.

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